richard  garrison
Garrison's strong colors, veering toward the primary, and tactile surfaces could stand alone as compelling examples of nonobjective art. But, by introducing recognizable imagery, he escalates the spatial and conceptual tension that binds the disparate elements in a precarious equilibrium. That his simply constructed figures convey a sense of individuality and mood is an unexpected bonus.-CeCe Bullard - Richmond-Times Dispatch

In October, 2014 I moved into a new studio space in the Odd Fellows Building in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) at 19 West Hargett Street. It's only 3 blocks from where I live. I'm excited to be in the new space and with the work that is beginning to develop there.

In my new work I have returned to the figure, but in combination with trees and other symbolic references to nature, and the divinity shared by all life. Humanity must get in tune with that shared divinity and interconnectedness in order to survive and to evolve. This is a brief description of a very broad subject; a subject that is very much on the minds of many of us at the present. I've had the sense for quite a long time that civilization cannot continue with a disregard for it's place within the balance of nature, and now this feeling is heightened with a sense of alarm over how much we have upset that balance. I seek to do my small part to address this over-arching issue.